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Sunday 16 February 2014

Report on UK Donations to Science Research

Things We Don't Know Report on UK Donations to Science ResearchWe hear a lot about the amount of funding the government puts into science research, and we sometimes hear about investments into R&D activities by major corporations. We rarely hear about private donations to science research, and yet it's actually very common. In fact, it makes up almost 5% of all science funding in the UK.

TWDK have commissioned an independent report into UK Donations to Science Research, and we're happy to present the result here. It's only a few pages, but it's packed with some surprising numbers and facts. There's even a section about crowdfunding, although that's not unique to the UK.

You can download the report for free, we hope you find it interesting. Report on UK Donations to Science Research

The report was compiled by Debra Carter, who provides very useful facilitation services to charities and social enterprises like us.

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