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Monday 20 April 2020

New site feature - follow the story

We are very happy to announce a new feature that has been rolled out across the Things We Don't Know website - automated links to other science websites to help you follow the story behind the research that interests you most.

Our objective here at TWDK is to help people follow the story behind ongoing research into specific scientific topics. We describe the background, and then help you to find news and updates about that research from other sources. Until now, these updates have relied on scientists using our site posting an update manually, or our staff doing so. But now we have started to automatically check a number of sites to see if they've posted anything that is related to our articles. For example, you will now find at the bottom of our article about unanswered questions in artificial intelligence something like this:

Snapshot of "recent science news" related to artificial intelligence from the TWDK website
Snapshot of "recent news" items at the bottom of our article on unanswered questions in artificial intelligence

If you happen to have subscribed to the article, then these links will also appear in your customised feed on the TWDK homepage.

We will gradually increase the number of sites we check for science news that matches our articles, but to begin with we're automatically creating links to articles from the following sites:

We don't import or copy any material from any of these sites - we just add a link from our article to theirs.

These seventeen sites were selected to present a broad range of scientific updates from reputable sources. If you've got a site and you'd like us to add it to our list, just let us know in a comment below.


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