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Friday 19 June 2015

Holly Godwin

Hi, I’m Holly, and I’m working as part of a SEPnet placement at Things We Don’t Know this summer. Firstly I would like to introduce myself and give you a bit of an overview to explain how I got into physics and why this website is different to any other.

Photograph of Holly Godwin at Things We Don't Know
Holly at work in the TWDK offices. Photograph ©TWDK

I’ve just completed my second year of a Physics Undergraduate degree at the University of Surrey, and Things We Don’t Know caught my eye as it reminded me why I love Physics and science as a whole.

Growing up, it was always the questions that couldn’t be answered that fascinated me, the kind of questions that keep you asking "why". There’s far more of a sense of excitement and urgency surrounding topics that are yet to be fully explored - it is incomparable to the science you can find in a textbook. It’s this cutting edge science that tends to catch people’s attention, and cause them to read on.

My specific interest in physics comes down to the fact that if you follow a question for long enough, you will eventually find you have to answer it with physics, as the laws that govern the universe are fundamental to everything around us. I think it’s a grounding thought that no matter what leaps and bounds the human race makes, whether it’s artificial intelligence, or stem stem cell research into the ability to prevent aging, physics still presents factors that are beyond our control.

I think we tend to find we start asking "why" less often over time, and I think initiatives such as Things We Don’t Know can keep our curiosity alive and, for those that are yet to discover their interest in the universe around them, spark a new found love. If an article makes even one person stop and think, it’s worth writing, if it can make one hundred people think, it’s even more worth it. And I think if any website can get people excited about science it’s going to be this one.

Things We Don’t Know’s new website launch is nearly here, but before it comes to a screen near you, we need to fill it up with as many things we don’t know as possible, and make sure there’s something in every field imaginable. I will be focussing on the Physics section, as you may have guessed, and I hope to be adding plenty of new entries to get you thinking.

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