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Monday 15 June 2015

Joshua Fleming

First of all hi, my name is Josh and I’m the new summer intern at Things We Don’t Know (TWDK). I’m studying Biology, Biochemistry specifically, at Leicester University and have just completed my first year. To give you a better idea of who I am, I thought I’d give you a bit of background information about how and why I started studying Biology, and what I hope to achieve this summer.
Photograph of Joshua Fleming, copyright TWDK
Josh hard at work in the TWDK offices in London. Photo ©TWDK

If I wasn’t interested in a subject at school I would always struggle to dedicate any time or effort to it, and as a result many of my grades were poor. However, I found I had no end of questions about the world around me, and in science I began to see how they were being (or had already been) answered. Back in the present, this is one of the main things that really intrigued me when reading about TWDK and their internship. To be able to explore many of the questions I have and offer them to others to think about too seemed like an incredible opportunity, not only for the satisfaction of my own curiosity but also to hopefully encourage this interest on a larger scale.

At school I was being taught Biology as well as Chemistry and Physics and although all three captivated me, I was most comfortable studying the science that I felt was most tangible, the science that was based on us and our natural surroundings; Biology. To me, the results in this field were the most visible on a day to day basis. For example in Physics you may study waves, most of which you cannot see with the naked eye. But in Biology you study the eye itself, discover how it produces your vision, and why every iris is a different miniature work of art.

I’m sure you have already heard plenty about the upcoming launch of the new TWDK website, with entertaining and thought-provoking articles on every area of science imaginable. But before it can be unleashed (not as threatening as it sounds), we want to make sure there is nothing we’ve missed, no topics left unchallenged or stones left unturned (Geology joke). This is where I come in, aiming to focus on adding content to the Biology section of the platform. I hope to produce articles that cover the many areas of the field whilst remaining relevant and therefore engaging, providing background to problems scientists are trying to solve every day. By updating you on their current research you can see just how close we are to discovering new answers, and if you want to, contribute to the progress yourself.

In the meantime I will also be endeavouring to update the blog regularly with posts similar to the articles being archived, with a broader spectrum of topics being covered. By doing this I hope that everyone can find something new that they can immerse themselves in. I believe an appreciation for science is a contribution to it and it’s public image, so if I can kindle this in anybody reading what I’ve written, we will have made a difference.

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